Deming Speedway - September 16, 2016

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Deming Speedway - September 16, 2016
By: ~ 9/19/2016


 Deming Speedway


With weather looming...two rain delays...and even with caution flags showing themselves...Deming Speedway would get their final night of racing in on Friday, September 16th.


In the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints Brooklyn Constance would take the lead and would lead 14 laps of the feature event only to be passed by her sister, Haley.  Haley would lead the final six laps to go on to take the win.  Brooklyn would have third place Macie Logsdon on her tail but would hold her off to take second.  It would be an all girl podium with Haley, Brooklyn and Macie.

Macie would take a heat win along with Baker Fagerlie.  Brooklyn and Haley would set fast times.


Katie Turner would hold off challenges and survive cautions as she would lead all 25 laps to go on and take her second win of the 2016 season at Deming Speedway.  She would be followed by Tyson Lemley in second and Kaden Holm in third.

Katie would also take a heat win as would Peyton Hagen and Theron Smith.  Fast times would be set by Colby Thornhill, Levi Klatt and Kaden Holm.


The top three would put on quite the show in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 feature event.  Nate Vaughn, Steven Hendrickson and Brock Lemley would battle as the race progressed until lap 12 when a caution flew when Nate spun out taking Steven along with him and giving the lead to Brock.  Brock would dominate the rest of the race and take the win.  Derek Holmwood would finish second and JJ Hickle took third.

Heat winners were Frosty Metcalfe and Nate Vaughn.  Steven Hendrickson and Brock would set quick times.


Kyle Mitchell would come from his third starting position to take the win in the lap shortened  SpeedMart/Hoosier 600 feature event.  The race would be called on lap 22 as several cars got together in turn two and the rain would not help as the track would go away.  Tanner Holm would finish second and Isaac Abernoth took third.

Chase Schmidt, Peyton Reed and Cody Hogarth were heat winners.  Brock Lemley, Devon Borden and Kyle would set fast times.


Deming Speedway 2016 Champions


Kyle Mitchell - SpeedMart/Hoosier 600 Division


Lemley Racing (Brock Lemley & Chance Crum) - Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 Division


Jesse Schlotfeldt - 600 Restricted Division


Haley Constance - Kasey Kahne Junior Sprint Division











Deming Speedway - September 9, 2016
By: ~ 9/12/2016


Deming Speedway

September 9, 2016


 Metcalfe wins his second Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 Feature Event

Frosty would get the lead late in the feature to go on to the win.  He would have to hold off a late hard charging Steven Hendrickson to earn his second win of the 2016 season.  Steven would keep the second spot with Dwayne Mackey taking third.

Heats would be won by Brock Lemley and Nate Vaughn.  Brock, with a 11.027, and Nate, with a 10.997, would be the fast times.


Chance Crum takes his 6th win in the SpeedMart/Hoosier 600 Division

Chance would dominate the feature event taking his Farrell Frameworks #83C to the win.  Jared Peterson, piloting the Jon Farrell #51F, would put some pressure on Chance, but would have to settle for second.  Kyle Mitchell would finish third.

Heats would be won by Cody Hogarth, Jesse Schlotfeldt and Kaitlyn Hammer.  Chance, with a 10.205, Jared, with a 10.102 and Kyle, with a 10.244 would set the fast times.


Colby Thornhill would go onto win his fifth 600 Restricted feature event

Colby would get to the front early in the race and would not look back as he went on to his win.  It would be the battle for second between Parker Hadlock, driving the Schlotfeldt #21, Kaden Holm and Sawyer Sorgenfrei.  It would be Parker taking the runner up spot and Sawyer getting past Kaden with two laps to go to take third.

Colby would take a heat win and set one of the fast times (11.163).  Tyson Lemley was the other heat winner and fast time (11.073).


Haley Constance wins her eighth feature in the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints

Haley would work her way to front, passing Blaine Granberg to take the lead late in the race and go onto her winBlaine would maintain the second spot and it would be Alex Gouy taking third.


Haley and Blaine would take heat wins and both would set fast times, Haley with a 12.850 and Blaine with a 12.994.