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The ultimate radial static load rating is measured as the failure point when a load is increasingly applied to a pin inserted through the rod endís bore and pulled straight up while the rod end is fixtured. Note that QA1ís catalogued radial load ratings include a safety factor, and that insertion of a grease fitting into the radius of the rod end may reduce the load rating due to lesser cross-sectional material in the stressed point. The actual rating is determined by calculating the lowest of the following three values:

  1. Race material compressive strength ( R value ):
    R = E x T x X
  2. Rod end head strength ( H Value, cartridge type construction ):
    H = [ ( T _D2-T2 ) +( D2 x SIN-1 T ) - ( O.D. of Bearing x T ) ] x X Angle of T expressed in radians
  3. Shank strength ( S Value ) Male threaded rod end:
    S = [ ( root diameter of thread2 x .78 ) - ( N2 x .78 ) ] x X Female threaded rod end: S1 = [ ( J2 x .78 ) - ( major diameter of thread2 x .78 ) ] x X

E = Ball Diameter
T = Housing Width
X = Allowable Stress (See Table)
D = Head Diameter
N = Diameter of Drilled Hole in Shank of Male Rod End
J = Shank Diameter of Female Rod End